Leaving New Legacies in Every Journey

Sophistication meets comfort – Exclusively designed with the passengers’ comfort in mind, the ALL NEW LEGACY SKY sits passengers higher above the ground. The bigger size windows enhance the pleasure of sightseeing and long distance trips. High quality and fully featured interiors including the adjustable LED ambient lights and the new and improved overhead luggage bin are sure to pamper the travelers.

Head turner everywhere! – ALL NEW LEGACY SKY’s edgy exterior design definitely grasps everybody’s attention.
More luggage carriers – We understand that luggage is as important as its owners. ALL NEW LEGACY SKY provides more option for connecting luggage compartment and semi-monocoque option to suit our clientele’s extra needs.



Body Panel
Galvanealed Steel
Laminated Glass
Side Windows
Tempered Glass
Fixed Glass
Front Door
Swing / Sliding Manual / Pneumatic Plug
Driver Door
Without Driver Door (Optional Driver
Door With Swing Hinge Mechanism)
Overhead Luggage Rack
Luggage Rack (Optional Luggage Rack With Aluminum Lid)
PVC Vinyl Flooring
Max Seating Capacity
47 Seats (2-2 Configuration)
59 Seats (2-3 Configuration)
Entertainment System
Video System
Front : LED TV 32" (With Automatic Folding Mechanism)
Middle : LED TV 22"
Audio System
DVD Player + 8 Speakers And Subwofer
Safety Features
Emergency Roof Hatch
Emergency Door
Safety Hammer
Fire Extinguisher
Untuk peningkatan mutu dan penyesuaian dengan perkembangan teknologi, Laksana Bus sewaktu-waktu dapat mengubah spesifikasi, perlengkapan standar atau data lain dalam lembar spesifikasi ini.