Striving for Excellence

Our vision is to become the best partner for bus operators in Asia through continuous improvement driven by integrity, teamwork and innovation. We are committed to becoming Indonesia’s most technologically advanced and world class manufacturer in commercial vehicle industry (specifically in the bus industry). Our mission is to provide safe, innovative design, and world class quality buses in accordance with the variety of customer requirements.

Our company emphasizes on working closely with the customers, adopting best in class processes and emphasizes communication, participation, self-management, and teamwork to our people to create best in class product.

Driven to deliver the best

We recognize that a company as large as ours has a certain responsibility to make the best of products and we’re proud to be recognized for it. In accordance with our commitment we have received several certifications: ISO 9001-2008 for Quality Management System, ISO 14004-2004 for Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems-Requirements, and also a Mercedes Benz certification for Bus Body Building on the basis of Mercedes-Benz Bus Chassis OH 1518 EIII (2009) and OH 1526 EIII (2010).


Reputable Company

Our story of coach-building began in Semarang around 1967 when we’re focused on automotive machinery. Within our first three years of tremendous growth, we had to move to a newly expanded location in 1970. And in 1977 our first Mitsubishi T-120 minivans was born as we expanded an auto-manufacturing division.

In the present day, our current production plant in Ungaran is now 100,000 m2 wide and still growing. These ever continuous growing expansions allowed us to develop more divisions to support the main production. Our production capacity is now up to 1500 buses every year and makes us the biggest bus builder in Indonesia today. Customer’s loyalty and trust for our high quality products have been essential to support our growth.

Our brand is our main asset. Day by day we are building Laksana brand consistently to become the top of the mind as the best bus body manufacturer in Indonesia offering the best products and services.


High Quality Product

Innovation is one of the key point of our company and had become our philosophy. Innovation is needed for everything from listening to our customers, to improve the design, training and development, to manufacture and delivery of the bus.

Our products are designed with a high standard and reliable quality assurance, materials, and components. We are investing on machinery to support the building system, such as:

• State of the art CNC Laser Cutting machine
• 3D Trimming machine with 5 axis capabilities
• Punching machine
• OTC Welding Robot
• Bending machine
• Shearing Machine
• 12 m CNC Bending machine


Innovative Design

We have taken the lead in innovation to develop our products. Everyone in Laksana is determined to provide new ideas for product and manufacturing improvements and we believe in customer-oriented approach. Optimal safety, both for passenger and driver, is our top commitment. We continuously innovate to find and apply the latest technology to ensure safety and a peace of mind while driving.

Design and technology are also essential for our company. All our buses are elegant and modern in appearance. Lega Light, one of our innovations, is the lighting system inside the bus which designed to be adjustable for passenger comfort. The seating is aerodynamic, ergonomic, and comfortable. Creativity, endurance, accessibility, integration, and dynamic in shape and movement are the main values that distinguish us from others in the industry.



We are dedicated to delivering the best service for our customers, anywhere, anytime. We are giving unrivaled customer service and support system. Our sales and after-sales services are fully committed to minimizing your downtime. And our logistics people will make the possible effort to provide all the spare parts order needed within the specified time.

We gain our reliability by creating a good relationship with our customer. Your satisfaction and loyalty had become the fuel of our endless commitment to providing the best of products and services.

Distributions We are leading in bus body builder industry in Indonesia through innovation. We began our international expansion strategy in 2009 by sending our bus to the Fiji Islands and continue to grow every year.



  • All New Legacy Sky
  • All New Tourista 2017
  • Discovery
  • Cityline
  • New Nucleus
  • SR 2 HD Prime
  • SR 2 XHD Prime
  • Legacy SR2 Double Decker