A Strong Commitment of Safety, Quality, and Reliability.

Innovating upon the existing quality, Laksana has provided safe and reliable means of transportation since the very first bus. For almost fifty years in the industry, we are continuously developing the excellence of services. We design and manufacture a wide variety of buses: from medium intercity bus to big premium tourist bus, and state of the art city bus to even luxurious VIP coaches. What begins as a breakthrough becomes the standard for every bus you can find on the road: elegant in appearance, dynamic in movement.

The combination of our vision and the enthusiasm of our team has resulted in a strong commitment of safety, quality, and reliability. We are working professionally by heart, consistently deli-vering solutions our customers need.


Wide Selection of Product to Offer

We are fully committed in bus body building. We have the biggest range of product which includes touring bus, intercity bus, city bus, and special purpose bus. We put a huge emphasis on providing the highest possible quality products towards our customers, which currently ranging from city bus operators, intercity bus operators, tourist bus operators, and government agencies to international corporations (Chevron Pacific Indonesia, Schlumberger, Saipem Indonesia, YKK Zipper, Theiss Indonesia, etc). We have been exporting our buses to Fiji Islands since 2009 and continue to grow every year.

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